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Niagara, ontario canada


Hi, I'm anne.    welcome to my personal page, where I can share the little miracles that occur here.   I've been in the arachnid hobby since 2015.   i grew up with a backyard full of spiders, which i visited and fed just about every day, all summer, every summer.  growing up, killing a spider was forbidden in our house, a rule passed down from my great-grandparents.  I am proud to be a 4th generation friend to the spiders.     


 I am currently located in the Niagara, Ontario region.   I offer local, off-site pick up on all animals listed on the available pages.  If you are outside of my region, I supply Canada's biggest arachnid distributors.  all of whom carry many species born here and ship in the safest way possible. 


About my spiders 

99% of my spider collection were raised here from slings.   All are captive bred.  i do not keep any Wild Caught spiders.   They are fed my home grown feeders, crickets and superworms which are gut-loaded with home grown produce (seasonal) or store bought organic.  ALl have access to water, regardless of the region they are endemic to.   my babies are raised by their mothers, as nature intended.   


Female tarantulas have great motherly abilities and I do not rob them of that right.   At some point in the hobby, pulling sacs became the standard, and I hope to change minds by showcasing these incredible moms in action....and in turn, creating a more humane and empathetic world for our captive spider friends.

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