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monocentropus balfouri/ socotra island blue baboon 3/4" slings. These slings have stayed with mom for multiple instars as they do so well with her feeding them.   Old World fossorial communal species, suits advanced hobbyist.

$45 each 

colony of 3 for $120

Avicularia avicularia/pink toe tarantula slings. Suit experienced hobbyist due to specific

care parameters as slings.

$25 each or 3/$60


tityus stigmurus/Brazilian scorpion second instar scorplings.   communal as adults.   Level 3 venom, must be experienced and 18+  

$3o each

chilobrachys sp. electric blue second instar slings.  This sac was incubated due to mom opening it too soon (Ewl stage).   old world fossorial species, suits advanced hobbyist.

$55 each

Centruroides gracilis/Florida bark scorpion second instar scorplings.  Fun species to keep, communal as adults.   Level 3 venom, must be experienced and 18+  

$3o each

chromatopelma cyaneopubescens/Green bottle Blue well established 1.5" slings.  Some experience recommended for this gorgeous species

$65 each